Public Vow

20 Jul

To really get down with what Dionysos and the Gods are encouraging me to do, I need to structure my time better. In short, get off the damn computer more and practice more.

In short, I will be spending 30 minutes a day in exercise, and 30 minutes a day in spiritual activities. To start with, at the very least. I’m broadly defining the latter to determine what works best for me.

I started simple yesterday, with listening to Speaking of Faith on “The New Monastics”, a Christian Simple Living, community driven movement. I’m starting to admire it myself — its something I could see myself doing if I were still Christian. From it, my volunteer ethic may be restored if nothing else. I’m trying to find local volunteer groups in the area. I think I may go with the local Homeless Shelter and see if they need more people, continue a family tradition. I may also volunteer at the sexual assault crisis line at the YWCA. I’m trying to decide if I have the strength to do that, and thankfully, the next training session isn’t until the fall.

I also did a short meditation session at the end of the day. I want to spend at least some of the time in prayer, ritual or other practice.

I missed the exercise portion yesterday for twofold reasons, they offered overtime at work and it was pouring when I got home. My bike does not go out into the rain until it gets a proper tune up. That thirty minutes will be included in tomorrows dance lesson.

But these are my two goals, which will hopefully be expanded on. I think I’m going to start reading through Underhills Mysticism, which I picked up at a local used book faire for practically free.

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