Prayer Beads

14 Feb

I finally finished a project I have thought about for a while. I have a hard time with mindful daily practice and I wanted something physical to remind me of it. A few years ago, I went to a workshop where the speaker brought his out.

I thought they were hideous. It was closer to a rope, several feet long and there didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the stringing. I understood that he saw each bead as special to the deity/intention in question but it wasn’t my style. But I loved the idea of it and I knew that when I did my own, I wanted something a bit more practical.

So I made a bracelet. I found (literally) a little bit of cash and went onwards to hobby lobby. I don’t have much beading experience and I’m fairly inept at crafts, so I decided that as this was my first real project, I’d hold off on the highest quality for my next run. Which I am already planning. This one, of course, is for Dionysos. I decided on a blue and purple scheme, and picked up amethyst and another stone colored to look like Lapis Lazuli and a style of bead called “pottery”.

The end result is this:
Prayer Beads

The next part is to associate the beads with specific prayers and hymns. I decided to do a mix of my own and ancient.

the fake lapis, the most populus stone, I chose my favorite created chant/song:
Come Bull, dance with me. Dance between the oak and the ivy.

For the amethyst, a verse from Trachinian Women that I have fallen in love with:
I am Raised up and I will not reject the flute, O ruler of my mind. Look, he stirs me up, Euhoi, the ivy now whirls me round in Bacchic Contest.

The pottery beads are a translation of Orphic Hymn 30:

I call upon loud-roaring and reveling Dionysos,
primeval, two-natured, thrice-born, Bacchic lord,
savage, ineffable, secretive, two-horned and two-shaped.
Ivy-covered, bull-faced, warlike, howling, pure,
you take raw flesh, you have triennial feasts, wrapt in foliage, decked
with grape clusters.
Resourceful Eubouleus, immortal god sired by Zeus
when he mated with Persephone in unspeakable union.
Hearken to my voice, O blessed one, and with your fair-girdled nurses
breathe on me in a spirit of perfect kindness.


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2 responses to “Prayer Beads

  1. TeaDidikai

    February 15, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    Hey Sweets.
    When you come to visit, let me take you to the largest bead store in the world. It’s only a half hour and change from where I live and they have all kinds of amazing beads.

  2. Αγαπητός

    June 29, 2010 at 2:21 am


    I discovered your blog about one week ago. This entry has me motivated to take up the use of prayer beads. They seem to be the new practice in the field of Hellenic Polytheism. Just about every forum and blog mentions them. =)


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